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The Multi Site Store and Franchise Supply Specialists.

Imagine having an online uniform ordering system built completely for your franchisees or multi site managers to access! 

A page or site that your staff, management or only yourself can access and order from. A page that displays only your uniforms.

You may have thought this service too expensive. Not with THE UNIFORM SUPER STORE! This system has been known to cost up to $5000 in setting up and launching alone! On average the service costs around only $900! BUT WAIT....We will not charge you for this! Yes, we will set up the entire uniform ordering system, uniforms, embroidery and or printing at absolutely no cost to you!


With over 20 years of industry experience in retail and dealing direct with businesses, sporting clubs and schools, partnering with The Uniform Super Store to provide a complete merchandise and uniform range is seamless, transparent and simple.

Here at The Uniform Super Store we understand that many organisations today are looking for an integrated supply chain solution that provides a high-performing merchandise and uniform online ordering portal without the operational cost and hassle. Here we offer the UNIFORM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM or "UMS" for Short. The UMS offers multiple strategies that provide a cohesive supply, service and management approach.



Let us take the headache out of Branded Merchandise as well as a complete uniform range across many departments and locations.

We can manufacturer, advertise and sell your merchandise without you having to invest large sums of money in stock. Easy.




Planett Merchandise Customers


Our experienced team has many years of knowledge in how to run a complete merchandise & uniform online ordering portal which will be completely automated and we can guide you every step of the way.

We can add new products and new designs quickly and easily.

You NO longer do you have to waste money on carrying stock that might not be used.


Planett Merchandise Specialist


We understand that most people want to be able to shop online or speak to someone during working hours. Our system provides a high level of support to all potential customers and questions.

We deal with the customers direct... be it at Head Office level, Site Management Level or even staff Level.


Planett Merchandise Ordering


We will provide a complete online Ordering Portal (UMS) for you to access all your approved uniforms and branded merchandise.


Planett Merchandise Storage


We can hold additional stock of your uniforms if necessary. This additional service is very beneficial during peak seasons for even faster delivery times.

We pick, pack and send the stock direct to the staff or location.

You NO longer do you need to carry stock and waste valuable storage.

You NO longer do you have to pick, pack and send orders.


Planett Merchandise Payment


We provide flexible payment options for customers such as PayPal or Credit Card.

You can even select to pay via Internet Banking by requesting the invoice for payment at time of order.

For businesses that spend over $50,000 annually, we can even look at setting up a 30 day account. (T&C Apply)


Planett Merchandise Commission


We have listed below reasons as to why your business needs our UMS.



Streamline your uniform needs by having all your items listed in one online ordering system.

 You can have from one delivery site to hundreds any where in the world!

 You now have the freedom to implement a uniform across every site and at NO EXPENSE to you!

 You can monitor your companies uniform expenditure for every store across the country or in total.

 You determine who has access to the site.

 Save time & money as you no longer need staff to run the uniform side of the business!

 Dramatically cut the time spent ordering uniforms.

 Implement a uniform and uniform guidelines across every site and at NO EXPENSE to you!

 Save staff time by ordering direct on line rather than chasing stock up over the phone.

 Track and trace the progress of every order.

 Reduce Purchase Orders and invoices.

 Eliminate the hassle & wasting of time informing stores of uniform changes. This site does it.

 Streamline your entire uniform ordering process.

 Access your UMS either from our site or from your own & from anywhere in the world

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