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Established in 1999, we have over 20 years experience in the Uniform, Embroidery, Printing and Promotional industry. We have developed industry leading and automated software for the uniform industry. We have paved the way for others to follow by selling branded apparel on line. We are the Uniform Experts. So whether you are shopping for your staff, school or sporting club, we can help.

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Get The Best Online School Uniforms In Australia At Low Cost 


Getting the kids in quality apparel is now easier than ever thanks to Uniform Super Store. We noticed a gap in the industry for great clothing at an affordable price. That is why we offer our customers the chance to purchase school wear uniforms online at a fraction of the retail price. Interested? Simply select the product you want and add to your cart for a fast and safe purchase.

Once you’re at the checkout, you can choose to buy the selected item or simply get a quote.


Discounted school uniforms online in Australia.



School Tees and T-Shirts.

Our school garments are built to out last the toughest of school kids.

school Uniform

To view the School, please click here.



School Shirts.

Calling all parents! Tired of over priced and under performing quality school shirts? Well we under price and over perform.

school shirts Uniform

To view the SCHOOL Shirts, please click here.



School Polo Shirts.

Every possible colour in every possibly style and just about every size to match. Our school polos rock...

School Polo Uniforms Uniforms

To view the range of School Polos Uniforms in Australia, please click here.



School Jumpers.

Our jumpers will keep the cold at bay and the high prices even further away!

school polos and jumper uniforms

To view the School Jumpers, please click here.



School Jackets.

So many jackets offering so many ways to keep your kids warm.

Patient Gowns

To view the school jumpers, please click here.



School Pants, Shorts and Skirts.

Great quality. Great Prices. Great Service. We are setting the standard in school uniforms and how they are supplied to the market.

Cycle Gear

To view pants, skirts, shorts and dresses, please click here.



School Graduation Uniforms in Australia.

To remember that really special day, you need apparel that not only looks good on the day but for years to come as you reflect back on to your favourite times!

cricket Uniforms

graduation uniforms




Here at The Uniform Super Store, we have one of the most extensive ranges of uniforms on the market. We cover just about every industry... school uniforms, hospitality, workwear, healthcare, sportswear, business, fire retardant, custom made and so much more. 

We are one of the few uniform businesses that actually does your embroidery onsite. Most uniform businesses outsource to... well... who knows!

We would love the opportunity to work with you and supply to your organisation the best fitting and looking branded apparel which will enhance your brand reputation.

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