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Planett. The Uniform Super Store Story.   The Uniform and Promotional Products Experts.

Lets be honest, we all love a under dog. I remember reading books about Sir Richard Branson and thinking, he is on to such a simple business method that works! Basically find a industry that is over charging and under servicing their customers and go and turn it on its head!.


Using this same ideology, and having worked for close to 15 years in the uniform & promotional industry, I knew that this industry needed re-modelling. It needed fresh thinking and people prepared to cut prices, increase services and delivery a far superior experience. This is how i started Planett (The Uniform Super Store) and this will be our ongoing business model. To offer the best, the cheapest and the fastest products, service and experience.



The Uniform Super Store Staff

We have over 30 years experience in the Uniform, Embroidery, Printing and Promotional industry. We have developed industry leading and automated software for the uniform industry over the past 14 years. We have paved the way for others to follow by selling branded apparel on line. We are the Uniform Experts


They say that experience can not be bought, only learnt! We have learnt a lot in our time which has enabled us to offer to you the quickest and cheapest products.


The Planett Experience.

As a business model built on superb service, discounted prices and fast delivery, we pride our selves by living up to this. Our online ordering system which is the most advanced in our industry, will ensure that your order is automated and dispatched as a priority.


The Planett Experience.

As a rapidly growing and busy business, we never want to lose contact with our customers. In order to help us keep in touch we have introduced many avenues for customers to keep in touch with us. From LiveChat to Skype, from Computer Calling to Email, from Facebook to Twitter. We want to stay in touch, be personal and never lose sight of the most important aspect to our business... you!


We look forward to you becoming a valued member of the Planett family.

Brands we sell are as follows; Johnny Bobbin, Jb’s wear for work, Colours of Cotton, Podium Team wear, Jeni b, JB’s wear, Biz Collection, Auspirit Clothing, Grace Collection, Bocini, Sportage, DNC Workwear, DNC Sport and Leisure, Be Seen Clothing, Winning Spirit, Stencil Clothing, Ramo Collection, Gear For Life, Boronia Clothing, Identitee Clothing, Visitec Clothing.