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Healthcare Scrubs Uniforms2 450x450


Designed with local markets in mind, we combine on-trend design, comfort and performance to create apparel that suits everyone and everybody. Say goodbye to boring, boxy and scratchy uniforms and ‘HELLO’ to Biz Care!


SAVE ON FREIGHT... To save on the freight fee, (and to get matching garments) we suggest ordering garments from the same brand. This allows us to ship from the one warehouse and only charge you the one freight fee. If you order two or more brands, you will incur additional freight fees as all brands are stored in separate locations.

FAQ... To learn all you need to know about Samples, Instant Online Quotes, Ordering, Branding, Production Times, Delivery Times, Company Information and a lot more... please click HERE

THANK YOU... To all Healthcare workers, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the sacrifice and service that you are providing the country in this hour of need.