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The most commonly asked question, is "Can we send out samples?"

The answer to this is Yes but we do have some T&C that we need to keep to so that we do not end up losing thousands of dollars each year. As we send out a lot of orders for uniforms and samples every week, if we were to send out free samples, we would need to hire someone to track down samples which would increase the cost of products. We would also lose a lot of samples and in the end, we would lose a lot of money. We know! We have done it this way in the past and it did not work.

So to make life easy for you, below we have set out our T&C for samples...



Customers can easily order a sample of a garment from our website which we will send to you. Simply order the garment required from the website, make payment and we will ship to you. We are unable to send out free samples as the expense involved with freight, returns and chasing up the samples is too great when calculated over the course of the year. Should you require garments for sizing, we strongly suggest that you use the sizing chart as provided on the product page or you can buy the garment(s) and keep them for sizing your staff.

Once you receive the sample(s), review your items and return them within 7 days of receipt (must be returned in sale condition as per our sales terms and conditions) for a credit or an exchange.

When ready to send the samples back, please download, fill in this form and send back with the samples > AUTHORISATION REQUEST FORM



FIRST you must download this RETURN AUTHORISATION REQUEST FORM, fill it in and send back with the item(s)

Please note that ALL Samples will be subject to the following Terms & Conditions.

  1. Clothing/Samples must be ordered online as per a normal product from our site.
  2. Clothing/Samples (including freight) must be paid for upfront at time of order, prior to us processing your order.
  3. A minimum $10 restocking fee will apply - fees are higher for multiple items, multiple brands and items not returned in sale condition (i.e staff repacking/folding/coding and returning to stock.)
  4. We do charge a $10 or 10% (which ever is greater) per brand restocking fee. This is to cover the expenses involved with providing this service, for us to freight the samples back to the manufacturer, to cover the manufacturers restocking fees and administration. We do not make profit from this service but we do need to cover costs associated with it. If you are not happy with this, then please do not buy samples from us.
    1. We can not do returns for John Kevin or Keval Shirts as per the suppliers T&C of trade.
  5. All samples must be returned within 7 days of you receiving them.
  6. To return samples, they must be repacked and with labels still attached which is how we have sent them to you. Failure to do so will force our supplier to decline the return
  7. Any garments returned to us soiled and or not in the original condition in packaging and with tags still on, will not be accepted back.
  8. A copy of the invoice MUST be included in the parcel and simply write on it what you want us to do in regards to supplying an Exchange or Credit.
  9. Samples will not be refunded, only credits for approved sample returns will be applied as stated above
  10. Freight fees are non-refundable and return freight fees are at customers expense.
  11. We reserve the right to refuse any return that does not match our Returns Policy.
  12. If you are not happy with any of these points listed, then please consider not purchasing samples.


We understand and appreciate that the above T&C concerning samples may not be suitable to all. We really do understand. At the same time we do ask that you be mindful of the expenses involved in providing a sample service. We want to win you as a customer and ensure that you experience with us is a good one, but at the same time, we can not afford to do it at a loss to the business.

If we can assist you further with your sample or order requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us

We look forward to assisting you with all of your Uniform requirements!