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When customers place orders for apparel from us, we order in the apparel from the warehouse logistics company (supplier). We get charged freight by the supplier to have the apparel either delivered to you direct or to us for branding. Every time we order apparel, we get charged freight and handling. For some suppliers this is up to $20 as the starting price.

In order to supply you with such a large range of apparel to cover all industries, we do not warehouse the garments ourselves. We order them in as needed and embroider or print in our warehouse.

As we only make a small mark up on apparel, we need to cover the full cost of freight by passing on the fee to the customer. We do not make profit on deliveries. We DO NOT hide delivery charges in the cost of garments and this is how we are able to keep the cost of garments low for our customers.

As all brands are warehoused in separate locations, we get charged multiple times for multiple brands to be packed, shipped and delivered. This is why the freight fee on our site increases for every brand that you order. Ideally to keep freight down, we suggest ordering all apparel from the same brand.



The Uniform Super Store Pty Ltd is not in any way legally liable for any goods not arriving at any destination on or by a due date, we will make every effort and offer full support to ensure that you get the goods as ordered. Should your order not arrive, please let us know so that we can track and trace the parcel.

The Uniform Super Store Pty Ltd is a wholesaler and retailer for garments and branded apparel, we are not in any way owned or in partnership with any freight company. For this reason, The Uniform Super Store can not be held responsible for delays in delivery or failure to meet a required timeline.

The Uniform Super Store Pty Ltd is not accountable for refunding or exchanging of goods or money simply due to delayed deliveries as perceived by the customer. It is the responsibility of the customer to order the required apparel with plenty of time to allow for branding and delivery. Once the customers order has been dispatched and left our factory or that of our suppliers, responsibility of the delivery is handed over to the customer.

Once the order leaves our premise or that of our garment supplier(s), the customer is from that moment forward, deemed to have taken ownership over the items. Once the order leaves our premise or that of our garment supplier(s) and is shipped to a third party or branding company, The Uniform Super Store can not be held responsible for erroneous items or shortage. This responsibility rests with the receiver. Though responsibility rests with the receiver, we will assist to sort and correct any issues that may arise.

Should the order be shipped direct to the customer, we will make every attempt to sort and correct any errors.