Get strong functionally, intrinsically, and sustainably.


If you are looking for a conscientious trainer who will rebalance you while she expands your capabilities, you have come to the right place. Jessica is energizing and encouraging, while being hyper-focused. She is intent upon building the integrity of your body while delivering the aesthetic results you are after.

Your workouts will feature everything you need, and nothing that you don’t. She motivates by teaching the science behind the method, and not by shouting.

Get in touch if you want smooth, stable joints and strong, activated muscles, a lean body composition…

… And if you are ready to get fit for good.

Redondo Beach Personal Trainer Jessica Manning

A mixture of heart-pumping strength moves, mobility & alignment, and feeling your core recruited in every movement — these workouts are highly efficient and body-changing. You will get fit from every angle, inside-out.

Best Personal Trainer South Bay Nutrition Coach Jessica Manning

The best way to establish healthy eating habits is to invest in your energy with each meal. It works wonders, and your results become sustainable. Blood sugar stabilizing is at the core of Jessica’s nutritional approach.

Redondo Beach Best Personal Trainer Jessica Manning

Tell me about your present and past experience with fitness and your body. My approach is always in pencil, and adapts to YOU. Drop me a line so that we can collaborate an effective path to your improved fitness and health, together.

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