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5 Deadly Mistakes When Buying Uniforms Featured

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Written by Sunday, 19 May 2013 18:09;
Published in Blog;

5 Deadly Mistakes When Buying A Uniform. All too often we have customers come to us that are not happy with their current uniform supplier. It may be due to quality, delivery times or that they have simply closed down and run off with their money. Please take a moment to read over the below 5 Deadly Mistakes that are most commonly made by people wanting to buy a great uniform for their organisation.

Buying on PRICE rather than QUALITY. Regardless of your budget or time frame for delivery, you should never take any short cuts when it comes to quality. All too often customers are convinced in to buying a product that is not suitable to their workforce or industry. Why? Simply because the uniform business tried to sell on price and not on what is best suited to the industry that you are in. The old saying is true in uniforms"You get what you paid for". Cheapest does not always mean best for the long run. Generally speaking cheaper products are made from cheaper fabrics. Cheaper fabrics are not necessarily treated to last as long which means that you will have to replace the uniforms sooner which in the end, costs you more. Here at The Uniform Super Store, we offer both cheaper and high quality products but we will seek to supply the most appropriate product based on your needs and not on the dollar.

Not Researching Your Supplier (Part 1). One of the greatest errors that customers can make is by not asking a couple of simple questions to a potential supplier. How long have you been in business under your current trading name? I state this first as i see it time and time again where a uniform business opens and closes faster than a politicians promise. Over our 20 years of trading, we have seen it! Customers do not check on the potential supplier and buy blindly. The uniform business closes down and takes their money with them. The uniform industry is a tough industry as legit businesses have to compete against Back-Yarders with no infastructure and no clue.

Not Researching Your Supplier (Part 2). One of the most important questions you should ask your potential supplier is, "Do you own your own embroidery machines?". MOST will answer no, we out-source to a mates embroidery business, we are the seller of the apparel. Personally, i would never order my uniforms from a business that does not do the embroidery in their own factory. Why? If a mistake is make on your embroidery, they can wash their hands of it. They will say it is not our fault as we out-source and you were made aware of that. We only sell the clothing." You are now left with uniforms that you can not wear. If the  uniform store does not have a business street address... run! If they have a post office box only... run even faster! When you call them, ask if they have their own machines and even state that you want to come in and see them. IF they say that the machines are kept at a different factory, then the machines most likely are not theirs. Why pay two lots of rent. We have invested heavily into having our own machines on site. We are 100% responsible for your job. If a mistake is made, we fix it at our cost and not at yours. At the end of the day, who is REALLY handling your logo.

Does Your Supplier Offer Online Ordering. Buying uniforms is time consuming and time equals lost money. If your supplier does not have a automate online ordering shop, then you are simply wasting time and money. It can take hours to compile and place your order manually then wait for the quote to come through, check it off, approve it, pay for it and so on and so on. We are regarded as the first to offer online ordering for not only apparel but also for embroidery and printing. You can place all your orders (AND EVEN QUOTES)  instantly online. The great thing about our system is that once you have placed your order, our system remembers it and the next time you log in, you can quickly and easily go to "YOUR ACCOUNT" and view past orders and products. Click on them to order instantly! No more tracking old excel spreadsheets or orders that have been filed away. Our system does it for you.