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Difference Between Screen Printing, DTG Printing and Digital Printing

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Written by Sunday, 19 May 2013 06:08;
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The Uniform Super Store offer several different methods of printing in order to provide a process that best suits your uniform requirements. We offer traditional screen printing for the majority of our products and large print runs, as well as digital printing, DTG Printing and DyeSublimation Printing on selected items and is also the preferred method for short runs.


What Is Screen Print?
Screen printing consists of first creating a colour stencil which we call a screen. Each screen is made to reflect only one colour. For multiple colour logos or designs, we will need to create multiple screens. Once the colour of that image is set in the screen, the screen is loaded onto the press, and ink is flooded over the image. Next, it is transferred onto the garment with a squeegee. Finally, the print is sent through a heat-tunnel to cure, or set.

What Are The Advantages of Screen print?

Solid Colors Without Pixelation
Digital prints are pixelated, using dots-per-inch, or “dpi.” Depending on the quality of artwork supplied will affect the overall quality of the print. When screen printing spot colours, screen print is a solid colour printed on to the apparel. If you need something that will be looked at closely, and should have no pixelation, go with screen print.

Lower Cost on Large Production Runs
For large orders, screen printing is definitely the most cost effective. Yes, they do have set up fees for screen printing. However by dividing the cost by 100 prints may be more cost-effective than digital. Got a lot of printing to do? You might do better with screen print. 

Colour Matching
Do you need to match a specific company colour, logo colour, or PMS colour? Screen printing offers a larger colour gamut, which can nail colours dead-on. 

What Is Digital Print?
Digital printing also referred to as a Heat Transfer is a newer method of branding and it is the process whereby we print onto a special type of media which absorbs the image. We then transfer that image from the media onto the garment using a industrial heat press. 

What Are The Advantages of Digital Print?

Shorter Production Runs

Digital printing is our preferred method of printing for small orders. With traditional screen printing, the setup time and overall preparation are not cost effective for short runs. If you need less than 25 garments printed, then digital printing is definitely the most cost effective method.

Unlimited Image Combinations
Use your imagination. Don’t limit your thinking to only a few solid colours! If you want to think out-of-the-box with unlimited colours, then digital printing is the way to go.

Less Variation in Color
If the digital printer is calibrated properly, and the same inks used, every print is the same, and will be the same when you need more of the same print job.

NO Set Up Fees
With digital printing, there are no set up fees. You can provide artwork in any format and we can print it. Please note that the quality of artwork you provide us is exactly the quality of print that our machine will do. If you provide us a low resolution pixelated print, then that is what our machine will print.


What Are The Disadvantages of Digital Print?

  • Digital printing (Heat Transfers) do have a life expectancy of around 25-50 washes. This makes them ideal for small business or sporting clubs but not ideal for businesses.
  • Digital Printing does not look as professional as Screen Printing.
  • The print will have a background border around and under the image. This allows us to cut it out quickly and easily.

What Is DTG Print?
DTG printing or Direct To Garment Printing is the perfect solution for short to medium print jobs that are to go on predominately cotton garments. 

What Are The Advantages of DTG print?

Unlimited Colours
Direct To Garment printing allows us to print much the same as a colour home printer in that we can do unlimited colours. We can print from photographs. drawings, Vector files and lots more.

One Print Set Up Fee
Unlike Screen Printing which has set up fees per colour, DTG Printing only has the one print up fee. 

Colour Matching
Unlike Screen Printing which allows us to colour match, DTG Printing allows us to get the colours very close but potentially not exactly the same Pantone colours that might be requested. 

So, Digital, DTG or Screen?

At the end of the day the best option is usually the most cost effective. If you are ordering less than 25 units, we would on most cases, recommend Digital Printing. If you are ordering in larger quantities that it may be that Screen Printing is the most cost effective.


What Are The Disadvantages of Screen Print?

  • Too expensive for small orders.
  • Has a set up fee for each colour. The more colours to be printed, the greater the set up fee.